Karo Niko-Rot

      Han født i Makedonien d. 2/12 2013/ male born in Macedonia on 2/12 2013

ED: 1

Youth CH of Azerbaijan

Youth Ch of Montenegro

CH of Cyprus

Ch of Georgia

Father: Multi Youth CH Cochise From Royal Breed , HD: A and ED: +/-,
Mother: Multi Youth CH TK´s Black Bona , HD: A and ED: 1


FF: DT.VDH-CH DKCH SUCH NOCH NORDCH Kochiz From Royal Breed, HD: A og AD: +/- IPO1, UHM
FM: SRBCH Electra From Royal Breed, HD: B and ED: +/-
MF: Youth CH SRB Uzi Flash Rouse, HD: A and ED: 0
MM: BULCH MOLCH MKCH Honda Black Allusion : HD: B and ED: 0
FFF: Fausto From Royal Breed, HD: B and ED: +/-
FFM: Youth CH SRB Frizbie Earl Antonius, HD: A and ED: 0
FMF: CHIT Leroy van Haysherak HD: B & ED: 2, BH, ZTP, IPO1
FMM: Duda from Royal Breed, HD: A and ED: 0, BH, IPO1
MFF: Balco aus der Espenstätte, HD: A, ED: 0, BH, ZTP, AD, IPO3
MFM: Freya vom Räuberweg, HD: A and ED: 0, BH, ZTP, AD, SchH1
MMF: Youth CH CRO and BIH Merlin Flash Rouse, HD: B & ED: 1, BH, ZTP
MMM: Youth CH SRB CHSRB Tika Flash Rouse, HD: B and ED: +/-, BH, IPO1



Here you can see the puppies that has been sired by Karo

Vom Hause Luna´s Ronja

Puppies born on 17/9 2015

4 males and 2 females

Kennel ABC Royal´s

Radeau Uliana

Puppies born on 21/3 2016

7 males and 1 female

Karina Elkjær

Vom Hause Luna´s Ronja

puppies born on 23/8 2016

3 males and 2 females

Dorthe Ahrenkiel

Lora Lions Of Pliva

Puppies born on 25/1 2017

  2 males and 1 females

Kennel Chateau von Astrup´s

ABC Royal´s Kashmir 1 year old Karo/ vom Hause Luna´s Ronja