Xaver from Royal Breed

Han født d. 23/5 2014 i Serbien/ male born on 23/5 2014 in Serbia


HD: A   ED: 0
JLPP: N/N(clear)



F: Multi Youth CH Cochise From Royal Breed , HD: A and ED: +/-,
M: RSCH, RS-J-CH Rendy vom Zwischenhaine. HD: B and ED: 1
FF: DT.VDH-CH DKCH SUCH NOCH NORDCH Kochiz From Royal Breed, HD: A og AD: +/- IPO1, UHM

FM: SRBCH Electra From Royal Breed, HD: B and ED: +/-

MF: Chan of Sliver Field KG. HD: A  ED: 0, BH, ZTP

MM:  RSCH Zendy from Royal Breed. HD: A and ED: 0, IPO1

FFF: Fausto From Royal Breed, HD: B and ED: +/-

FFM: Youth CH SRB Frizbie Earl Antonius, HD: A and ED: 0
FMF: ITCH Leroy van Haysherak HD: B & ED: 2, BH, ZTP, IPO1
FMM: Duda from Royal Breed, HD: A and ED: 0, BH, IPO1
MFF: JCH-VDH Dack Flash Rouse. HD: B & ED: +/-
MFM: RSCH Bea of Silver Field KG. HD: B and ED: 1. BH, ZTP, AD
MMF: KS ADRK´01 Yoy von der Crossener Ranch. HD: A and ED: 0, BH IPO1
MMM: CHBIH, CHYU, CHCRO Naomi from Royal Breed. HD: A and ED: 0

Xaver on show on 6/5 2017

Show results:

On national show in Bremen(D) on 2/9 2018
Judge: H-J. Dux(D)
Result: V2 with res. ANW.DT.VDH-CH in champion class
And by that Xaver is now also DT.VDH-CH


ON CACIB in Bremen(D) on 1/9 2018
Judge: C. Muldoon(IRL)
Result: V2 with res.ANW.DT-VDH in champion class


On CACIB show in Malmø(S) on 1/4 2018
Judge: Paul Lawless(IRL)
Result: EXC1 with CQ and CAC in champion class and 3rd best male, and by that he is now SUCH😎


On CACIB show in Rostock(D) on 30/9 2017
Judge: Jochen Eberhardt(D)
Result: V1 with Anw.DT.VDH-CH in Champion class, CAC(ADRK) and CACIB


On ADRK Heide Schau in Meine(D) on 28/5 2017
Judge: Uwe Petermann(ADRK)
Result: V1 with Anw.DT.VDH-CH in champion class


On CACIB show in Neumünster(D) on 14/5 2017
Judge: Uwe Peetermann(ADRK)
Result: V1 with Anw.DT.VDH-CH in championclass and R.CAC & R.CACIB


On eventyr vinder show in Odense(DK) on 6/5 2017
Judge: Noel Beggs(IRL)
Result: EXC3 in Champion class with club CAC


On Fyens vinder in Odense(DK) on 6/5 2017
Judge: Jørgen Hindse Madsen(DK)
Result: EXC2 with CQ in Champion class and 4th best male


On CACIB show in Roskilde on 30/4 2017
Judge:Boris Spoljaric
Result: EXC2 in Champion class


on national show in Års(DK) on 16/4 2017
Judge: Livija Zezevske
Result: EXC1 in champion class, CK, CAC, BOS


on show in Valjevo(Serbia) on 25/9 2016
Judge: Sasa Jesic
Result: V1 CAC in open class


on ADRK show in Dessau-Rosslau on 26/8 2016
Judge: H.J. Radtke(ADRK)
Result: V3 in open class


on CACIB show in Smederevo(Serbia) on 23/8 2016
Judge: Dejan Gujanicic
Result: V1 CAC, Res. CACIB in open class


on 2. Alten Festung sieger in Croatia on 25/6 2016
Judge: Edgar Hellmann(ADRK)
Result: V1 in middle class


on IFR show in Czech Rep on 16/5 2015
Judge: Milos Sedlar
Result: V7 in youth class


On ADRK show in Westheim(D) on 14/5 2015
Judge: H.J. Radtke(ADRK)
Result: V2 res.Anw.DT.Jgd-Ch.VDH in youth class


On CACIB show on Serbia on 19/4 2015
Judge: Jessica BrzezinskiResult: Odlican, PRM


On II ADRK World dog show on 12/4 2015
Judge: Anton Spindler(ADRK)
Result: V9 in youth class


on CACIB in serbia on 1/1 2015
Judge: Nikola Angelovski(MAC)
Result: Odlican, PRM